Max Candle Sponsorship Program

Our Max Candle Co-Sponsorship Program (MCSP) is the charitable arm of our company. We support communities and provide mentorship and work experience to young adults while teaching them leadership and entrepreneurship skills.

Since 2020, we have employed over 20 young adults and provided them with entrepreneurs training. This was done with the support of partnerships with various non-profits across the Midwest

Max Candle Co. has partnered with People Empowering People, Phalanx Family Services, and Good Vibes Movement to provide Emerging Adults an opportunity to learn leadership,  entrepreneurship and work readiness skills through our Young Leaders Initiative. (YLI).

YLI  provided leadership development, mentorship, paid work experience and entrepreneurship training to youth aged 16-24.  YLP consists of 3 tracks:

We pour for a purpose. Your support helps us partner with community organizations to offer youth ages 16-24 paid work experience.

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